Interior Design Inspiration

Art and travel are all rich sources of inspiration for an interior designer. The first is a key element in our interior designs, residential or commercial. Adding character and style, it can be a great way to inject a fun or different side of a client’s personality into the space. The latter can refresh and revitalise – offering new ideas – and often, for us at Ana Engelhorn Interior Design at least, new furniture! Do you share our view? Read on and join us in our never-ending research!

Interior Design Inspiration

Create a Warm and Cosy Home

At this cold and depressing time of year, there is no better feeling than to return to a comfortable and …

November 18, 2021

Interior Design Inspiration

Inspiring Art for Interior Designers

As an interior designer often working on full-home refurbishments, I have to have wide knowledge about interiors. While I can, …

October 16, 2020

Interior Design Inspiration

Sourcing Antiques and Art in the UK

With coronavirus still making its presence felt and quarantining rules coming back into force for various countries, it’s a little …

August 10, 2020

Interior Design Inspiration

Sourcing Antiques from Spain

At Ana Engelhorn Interior Design, we take a perfectly imperfect approach – uniting old with new to create fresh, timeless …

January 22, 2020

Interior Design Inspiration

The similarities between two of my passions

Before I decided to professionalise my passion and become a certified interior designer, I worked for a classic car event …

September 8, 2019

Interior Design Inspiration

Spanish Art Galleries and Fairs

Nothing demonstrates your personality more than the art you choose to put on the walls of your home. Whether you …

March 6, 2019