Drawing on years of experience, Ana Engelhorn has created simple, step-by-step guides for creating a beautiful, harmonious home. From the 10 Things NOT to Do to Home Redesign, Creating the Ideal Home and a guide to Feng Shui, you’ll find advice to suit. Click through to download the guides for free.

Choosing a colour scheme is just one part of the interior design process and support you get from Ana Engelhorn.


The design process

This guide sets out not only how Ana Engelhorn Interior Design will help you revamp your home. But also, how …

April 25, 2023

Modern work from home interior design space with laptop in room.


How to design your Home Office

A whole lot of thought goes into commercial office interior design. Yet, so often our home offices are a hastily …

September 23, 2022

10-Point Guide of what NOT to do when you design your home


Interior Design Guide to What NOT to do When Designing Your Home

Designing the interior of your home is an exciting opportunity to freshen up or completely revamp your living space. Whether …

January 21, 2021

Feng shui guide by Ana Engelhorn Interior Design


Feng Shui Guide

As an Interior Designer, I appreciate the harmonious effect of good Feng Shui. To maximise the feeling of balance and …

April 24, 2020


Ideal Home Design Guide

Planning a new interior for your home is exciting, but with a dazzlingly wide array of options out there, the …

March 17, 2020

home redesign guide


Home Redesign Guide

My name is Ana Engelhorn. I am an established interior designer and Associate of the Society of British and International …

February 25, 2020