We help our clients realise their ideal interior space through a wide range of design and delivery services. The following list illustrates the typical range of services that are required, but this is not restrictive and we do all we can to accommodate specific requirements.

In addition to full house renovations and commercial projects, we also design and install individual, unique & exclusive kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Design consultation
  • Design concepts and design boards
  • Feasibility study
  • Site measurement and assessment
  • Architecture and detail drawings
  • Visualisations and 3D renderings
  • Home AV and cinema design
  • Joinery, fittings and finishes
  • Lighting design
  • Materials and furnishings
  • Budget management
  • Building regulations approval
  • Planning permissions
  • Installation supervision
  • Accessorising


I get such a buzz working on residential projects as I love the process of discovery I go through with clients. It starts from the moment we meet, form impressions, create a rapport and go through their brief. I then go away and create an interior design that brings their vision to life. I live for that magic moment where I’ve presented my design to the client and I can see that I have understood what they want. That amazing feeling I get when they love how I’ve designed their space is what makes my job so rewarding!

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Business owners are increasingly realising that employees work best in a comfortable and inspiring spaces, and that their customers want to feel at home from the moment they enter their premises. My ‘perfectly imperfect’ design philosophy is ideal for creating uplifting workplaces and for clients in a hospitality sector, who are looking to provide comforting and beautiful spaces for their customers.

A recent commission was to design a holistic gym for a wealthy, health conscious clientele. It was clear that the resulting space had to stand out from the competition and really strike a chord with their discerning target audience. My passion for creating comfortable, unique and calming spaces instantly kicked in and the case study below demonstrates my creative and holistic approach to transforming commercial spaces.

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Alongside my love of breathing new life into antique furniture, I’m also passionate about designing bespoke pieces for both residential and commercial clients. One such recent project was for El Paradiso Mountain Club, which sits proudly on one of the most beautiful mountain plateaus in St Moritz. With restaurants, lounges and bars, El Paradiso is place to enjoy alpine quality time. With this in mind, I was asked to design a bespoke sofa, which could be easily transported over the snow, and which could be positioned wherever guests could best experience the wonders of the mountain, the breathtaking views and the setting of the sun.


  • My 5 favourite styles of curtains for the home.
It’s easy to get lost in the wide world of fabric and curtains. There are so many different fabrics and types of curtains, so many different ways of making them and hanging them that it can be helpful to focus in on a few simple versions. These are five that I love!

1. Triple pleat curtain
The go-to when you want a curtain that is lush, heavy and full. The perfect example of a curtain that is both heart-warming and absorbs sound well.

2. Eyelet curtain
Great for a summery, sprightly feel, when you want a lighter touch in the room as well as lighter on the bank balance. 
3. Roman blind
Don’t want to draw curtains backwards and forwards? Roman blinds have battery-powered motors. You can even time them to go up at the desired hour in your children’s bedroom!

4. Roller blind
A simple version of the fuller Roman blind, it’s ideal for areas like a study or home office where you need to block out the sun occasionally, but don’t want to buy extra decorative fabric.

5. My mother’s own 
This is a curtain my mother created specifically for her home. She designed and made it herself, then got a handyman to insert the ringlets. Simple and different, I think it looks fantastic! Have you ever custom-made curtains for a room?
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  • Welcome to my Interior Design Diary; the road to perfectly imperfect.
This project diary – detailing my first big project in the UK – offers an insight into the interior design process, with all its flaws and imperfections. Having a design philosophy that celebrates imperfections, I think it’s especially fitting to share a ‘real-time’ record of what goes into creating a beautiful interior. Check out my Stories and IGTV to learn more about my Interior Design Diary!
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  • Download our FREE Home Redesign Guide and learn all the tips and tricks on how to create beautiful interiors tailored to your needs, all while having fun doing it! (link in bio)
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  • This month has all been about curtains. I had to find materials for 13 different windows. When searching for so many different materials, one faces a lot of decisions: pattern, no pattern, stripes, quality of material, importance of price. And it all has to fit with the overall look you want to achieve and the colour combinations you have chosen. I love @hollandandsherryinteriors. How do you go about choosing your curtain fabric?
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