Studio Renovation in Chelsea

From Council flat to beautiful home away from home

Our client was a professional working in London but living in Surrey, who needed a small but comfortable place to stay when working late. This studio in Chelsea suited the client perfectly, both in size and location, but needed updating. Our brief was to renovate the kitchen, update the carpet and redecorate throughout using a budget of £30,000.

To warm up the flat, we added curtains to all three main areas – bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. We also changed the lighting, adding more layered lighting and making the lights dimmable, so different atmospheres could be created. Decoration-wise, we worked with the eco-friendly paint supplier Graphenstone, who produce gorgeous colours free of plastic and chemicals.

For the bedroom, we chose a deep Bordeaux red which went very well with the pressed-flower wallpaper behind the bed. These reds contrasted beautifully with the greens from the McLaurin and Piercy seaweed curtains and a palm tree plant. The soft brown throw and mustard yellow toned bedding and cushions add to the cosy, sumptuous feel in this room.

In the kitchen, we put in a new hob and boiler as well as a more modern sink, complete with a hot tap and InSinkErator. All the front panelling on the cabinets was redone and painted in a striking Brunswick green, which contrasted wonderfully with the reds in the adjoining bedroom – seen through the open door. The cream and grey-patterned antique tiles above the natural oak work surface come from Spain and, as well as contrasting well with the kitchen cupboards, add another beautiful texture to the room.


The bathroom had recently been redone so we just repainted it in Oxford blue and installed a frame on the mirror, giving the room a softer, cosier look. The deep blue colour also adds a beautiful sense of calm to the room.

In the entrance hall, we put in coat hooks, a small mirror for last-minute checks and a little sideboard for keys and mail. The soft smokey blue colour gives a nice, light appearance when you enter and ties all of the rooms together beautifully.

The furniture throughout is a mix of existing antiques the client had in storage and items that we had to procure specially.

Overall, this was a fun, fast-turnaround project. We created a luxurious home-away-from-home for our client which had all the aesthetic and practical elements they needed without a huge expense. We’re really proud of the work, enjoyed doing it and our client loves it – an ideal result!

The biggest job in this home renovation was the kitchen remodel. We overhauled it completely as the owners are avid cooks and wanted to have adequate cooking and prep areas. The two outbuildings were converted into a gym and a home office, with the same style flowing from the house to the outside rooms.


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