This renovation of this ancient and protected Catalan farmhouse included an exciting challenge. We had to introduce modern 21st-century luxury while preserving its 16th-century charm.

With such a long, rich history, these towers were placed under national protection, requiring us to focus our attention on the main house. Even this main building required careful consideration, using specialist builders and architects to restore this gem to its former glory.

We focused on creating a three-bedroom house using original materials and highlighting historic features, like the stone floors on the ground floor and antique oak boards upstairs. We accentuated the property’s high ceilings to create large, airy rooms that bring the sweeping Spanish countryside indoors.

For the decor, we sourced antique furniture from the UK and Spain that befit a historic European farmhouse. Bold, contemporary touches, such as chrome bathroom fittings and modern artwork, bring the look into the 21st century, creating an elegant marriage between antique charm and modern luxury.

Catalan Farmhouse Renovation International Design & Architecture Awards
Modern luxury with ancient charm in a Palamós farmhouse in Catalonia, Spain
Fireplace detail inside old Catalan farmhouse
Stone walled interior with oval mirror positioned over a recycled table in a Palamós farmhouse in Catalonia, Spain
Quiet fireplace corner seating area in a farmhouse a Palamós farmhouse in Catalonia, Spain
Spacious, light and airy spaces in a luxury bathroom
Sink and bathroom in a Palamós farmhouse in Catalonia, Spain
Stunning freestanding bath in a Luxury bathroom in a Palamós farmhouse in Catalonia, Spain
Shady and comfortable outdoor area of a Palamós farmhouse in Catalonia, Spain

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