Design Philosophies

Design philosophy may refer to the foundations of ancient concepts like Feng Shui, Kintsugi or Wabi-Sabi or to the framework of a particular designer. Our perfectly imperfect philosophy at Ana Engelhorn Interior Design embraces these ancient practices, highlighting the history of a building or piece and celebrating the imperfections found in natural materials. These flaws are, indeed, the foundation of beauty. Read on to see how we integrate these age-old philosophies into our designs.

Japandi style

Design Philosophies

What is Japandi Style and How Can You Use it at Home?

When I sit down to think about it, I am amazed that Japandi style is an emerging trend. The aesthetics …

April 19, 2022

Japanese kintsugi pottery

Design Philosophies

Kintsugi Philosophy

How does Kintsugi influence my interior designs? Most of us are going through challenging times right now as we try …

April 3, 2020

Design Philosophies

What Happens During a Feng Shui Consultation?

Written by Ana Engelhorn and Alexandra Berthault-Bizer from Chez Feng Shui The ancient Chinese art and practice of Feng Shui …

March 24, 2020

Design Philosophies

Should you follow a trend or your instincts with colour?

Inspiration can be found in many places when designing your own home. If a room doesn’t immediately shout out how …

September 26, 2019

balancing stones and the art of feng shui

Design Philosophies

An Introduction to Feng Shui

A building, whether it’s a residence, hotel or a place of business, is made up of many different parts. All …

May 24, 2019

Wabi-Sabi cabinet in Palamos Farmhouse

Design Philosophies


Wabi-sabi design and aesthetic as we know it today, is a Japanese concept based on respecting the natural cycle of …

February 16, 2019