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What Happens During a Feng Shui Consultation?

March 24, 2020

Written by Ana Engelhorn and Alexandra Berthault-Bizer from Chez Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese art and practice of Feng Shui aims to create a space that allows chi or qi – the energy of the universe – to flow naturally. One way to achieve this is by filling your home with a healthy balance of the five Feng Shui elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. To demonstrate what happens during a Feng Shui consultation, I will go through the consultation on a house in Chiswick we are working on.

The Feng Shui of a property changes on the lunar New Year, at which time it is recommended the Feng Shui is updated. This report on the Chiswick home is for the period from 4th February 2020 to 4th February 2021.

It’s important to first understand what each element means:



Message: Abundance and prosperity, movement, cleansing, purifying, allowing emotions to flow and peach blossom to bloom
Colour: Black, indigo or dark blue
Shape: Wavy and curvy patterns
Material: Water (fountains, pools, aquariums)
Direction: North



Message: New life, growth and expansion, creativity, and health
Colour: Green
Shape: Rectangular, columns, patterns vertical or horizontal
Material: Trees, plants and fresh flowers
Direction: East and Southeast


Fire Element

Message: Action and passion, fame, supports getting your light out in the world, power
Colour: Reddish like a flame, reds and purples, burgundy, cranberry, plum, burnt orange, bright pink
Shape: Triangles, pyramids and tall, pointed shapes
Material: Candles (can be battery operated), lamps and night light
Direction: South


Earth Element

Message: Stability and security in relationships; grounding
Colour: Terra-Cotta, yellow, browns and beiges; soft orange
Shape: Square, low objects associated with the feeling of stability
Material: Large scale furnishings, sand, clay, ceramics, marble, granite, river rocks, crystals
Direction: Southwest, Northeast and Centre


Metal Element

Message: Focus and clarity, justice and discipline
Colour: White, gold, silver, copper, reflective colours and pastels
Shape: Oval, arches and round
Material: Wrought iron, steel and copper, any objects made of metal
Direction: West and Northwest


Water nourishes Wood.

Wood feeds Fire.

Fire, when it turns to ash, creates Earth.

Earth, as it condenses over time, turns to Metal.

And Metal enhances the life-giving properties of Water.




The Five Elements

Creative Cycle

A Feng Shui consultant will first do an analysis of the house: its history, location, environment, neighbourhood, previous owners, orientation and the auspicious vs inauspicious sectors of the house for its occupants. The house orientation indicates whether the dwelling belongs to one of the five elements and how supportive it is for its occupants.

Two different Feng Shui systems help to determine the positive and negative sectors inside.

Eight Mansions is used to work out the auspicious and inauspicious locations; to analyse if you are compatible with the house; and to find out your favourable and unfavourable personal directions that promote productivity at work and in relationships, and foster good health and successful academic pursuits. It is used for long-term purposes, such as building a house or moving into a house for a long time. This system is also used to determine the best location of things; for instance, it recommends putting doors and windows in the positive sectors and spending more time in those areas. The auspicious locations are suitable for main doors, the master bedroom and desk/workroom. Feng Shui consultants advise using the house’s auspicious locations and work and sleep towards your auspicious personal directions.

The other main system is Flying Stars, which involves calculating a “natal chart” for a building based on its birth year (the time when the place was built or when the occupants moved in) and orientation. The house’s placement on the land will determine the types of unseen energies it attracts. The Flying Stars Chart shows the energies that have been calculated. The chart can track the unseen influences on a yearly, monthly basis or daily basis. This system has a vast scope and gives you a great amount of knowledge.

The Chiswick Property

The Chiswick house faces East and sits to the West, making it a Metal House. Supportive elements for a metal house are for a grey or pale colour door; earthy tones are also welcome as earth supports metal.

The Flying Stars analysis of the Chiswick house shows the elements are in harmony, supporting good relationships, health and prosperity. The charts done for the house are based on both the Eight Mansions and Flying Stars techniques and will be used together to determine the ideal locations of key internal features of the property to tap into the correct type of Qi.

When moving into a house, a Feng Shui consultant considers the analysis of the house as well as its residents’ astrology. In this case, we have a family of 4. Maria’s birthday is 20.07.1982, Alex’s is 10.02.1978, Cynthia is 22.06.2009 and Ferdinand is 19.07.2017. As the house is under refurbishment, due to be finished by 2020-21, its ‘birth date’ belongs to ‘Period 8’.

External Features

Chiswick is a nice residential area in West London. This semi-detached house, on a quiet street close to Chiswick’s main street and nearby parks, will be converted to a four-storey house.

In accordance with the ‘Form School’ principles, part of Classic Feng Shui, the ideal environment should provide good protection for the house/building (Tortoise) so the occupants have security and stability. The Black Turtle is symbolised by a mountain or hill at the back of the house. Ideally, the back should be reinforced by trees and/or a fence and a tidy area.

Ideal house positioning should be: left side of the house similar in size and height to the right, creating a balance between Yin and Yang. A little patio in front of the house invites the Chi to stabilise before entering the house. There is a large deep rectangular garden in the back, which presages that the residents will know to save money. When evaluating the site, the lot is an approximate rectangular shape. This denotes stability and balance.

This is a picture of an ideal house positioning:

Interior Features

As mentioned, the house is a rectangular shape, denoting balance and stability. There are two small missing areas in the North East and North part of the house which are easy to remedy. This house has a small extension on the ground floor (which extends to the upper floors). The extension is located in the East by the living room, which means this sector is structurally and energetically enhanced as East symbolises family and community. The family intends to refurbish and extend this property by building and modernising the basement, adding a pool at the extended back of the house and bringing more light into the house through lifting up certain rooms. Built in 1902, the house has been lived in by one family. Maria and her husband are the second family to move in since it was built.

The house is considered a “TUI or DUI” house – this means that it sits in the West and therefore represents the Metal element, supportive for Maria because she also belongs to the West group of Houses (to be discussed in our next blog).

The four auspicious locations with positive energy are:

1. North West: attracting prosperity, vitality, respectability and reputation. A good location for the front door or any openings, it is also the best magnetic direction.

2. South West: fostering good health and a good location/direction to have your bed.

3. North East:: enhances the quality of relationships in the family, promotes longevity and self-sufficiency. A good place for the master bedroom and living room.

4. West: attracting harmony, peace and stability, this energy brings about peace. A good direction for meditation and self-development.

More detailed recommendation for the rooms:

Entrance and Hallway:

The main entrance door is in the Southeast. This is where the main Chi comes from. Add a welcome mat outside the door and keep the entrance hallway clear and free of clutter so the energy can freely meander in. Make sure door handles are not loose.

Symbolic Message: The Southeast is related to the Wood element, which represents new life, growth and expansion, creativity and health. Enhance the area with bamboo or lush plants and fresh flowers.

Additional advice:

– Place heavy metals, in the form of metallic frames, metallic vases or something decorative in the area.
– Colour scheme should be silver greys or gold and pale colours.


Living Room:

2020 advice: add metallic objects and salt cure.

This room is preponderantly in the East Sector, which corresponds to the Wood element, denoting new life, growth and expansion, creativity and health. It relates to how you view yourself as a source of inspiration for your family, how you nurture and are nurtured by family and friends. Enhance the room with photos of family and friends, family crest, family album, as well as lush indoor plants without spiky leaves.

Maria: Most beneficial direction to face is Northeast, in particular between 52.5 and 67.5 degrees (Tiger-yang Wood) and East. You can check the compass direction on your phone app.

Alex: Most beneficial directions to face are East and Southeast as well as Northeast between 52.5 and 67.5 degrees (Tiger-yang Wood).

Cynthia: Most beneficial directions to face are West, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast and North East.

Ferdinand: Most beneficial directions to face are Southwest and West.



The kitchen encompasses three sectors: Southwest (love and relationships), West (children and creativity) and Northwest (mentors).

A colour theme of fiery hues is welcome, such as burnt orange, reds, bright pinks, purple and cranberry. Fire elements in the form of triangular shapes, candles, lights/night lights are auspicious.

Maria: Avoid spending a lot of time facing West. Most auspicious directions to face are East and Northeast in particular between 52.5 and 67.5 degrees (Tiger-yang Wood). So best sitting place for you is 10, 11, 12pm at the dining table.

Alex: Also avoid spending a lot of time facing West. Most auspicious direction to face is East. Sit at 12pm at the dining table but make sure your back is protected against the window.

Cynthia: Most auspicious directions to face are Southwest, West and Southeast. She can sit at 4,5pm, 6pm, 1pm;

Ferdinand: Most auspicious directions to face are Southwest, Northeast, and West. He can sit at 4, 5, 6, 7pm, and 10/11pm.


Bedroom 2:

Bedroom 2 is mainly located in the West sector. The person should face North to sleep. This room could work for either Cynthia or Ferdinand; however, if their head faces the Rat direction, between 352.5 and 7.5 degrees North, this would clash with the Horse in Cynthia’s chart and would cause problems with the Rooster in Ferdinand’s chart. If that is the case, the bed’s position should be changed. Given that the entry door to that room is in the Southwest, this direction is more supportive for Cynthia. Warm fiery tones are welcome in this room.

General considerations:

– Remove stuff under bed
– Organise closets, please leave space in one of the closets
– Matching set of nightstands


Bedroom 3:

Bedroom 3 is mainly located in the East sector. Sleeping there means the person faces East. This bedroom is more supportive for Ferdinand as the Wood from the East and Southeast (location of the bedroom door) feeds the Fire which is his self-element. Warm fiery tones are welcome in this room. However, in 2020 the number 5 star is lodging in the East sector; that star is not auspicious, so to remedy the ill-energies, put heavy metallic objects in the room.


Maria’s Office:

Maria’s office is mostly situated in the East sector with the door in the Southeast. East and Southeast mostly both represent the Wood element which is beneficial for Maria. She should sit with her back facing North or Northeast. She could have her desk placed at an approximate angle facing the balcony window or the wall on the South side.

For 2020, place metallic objects in the room.


Master Bedroom:

The master bedroom is located mostly in the East sector. As mentioned earlier, Wood is auspicious for both Maria and Alex. The bed is facing North, which is connected to the Water element. Water is auspicious for Maria and it’s fine for Ferdinand as long as it doesn’t face the Rat direction as it would clash with his Horse in his chart. For 2020, a Salt Cure is suggested in this area as the inauspicious number 5 star resides in this location this year.

It is essential that Maria and Alex sleep with a solid wall behind their head. Ideally, they should be able to see the entranceway or door without having to turn around when lying in bed. Known as the “Power Position”, this creates great stability in a relationship. They must never sleep with their feet directly in front of the door (coffin position). This will undermine everything they do, as well as cause distress and illness. Also, no mirrors facing the bed.

General considerations:

– Add a bowl of rose quartz
– Remove stuff under bed
– Organize closets, please leave space in one of the closets
– Matching set of nightstands.



As with the kitchen, the play area encompasses three sectors: Southwest (love and relationships), West (children and creativity) and Northwest (mentors and helpful people). A colour theme of fiery hues is welcome, such as burnt orange, reds, bright pinks, purple and cranberry. Fire elements in the form of triangular shapes, candles, lights/night lights are auspicious.

Things to Avoid

– Avoid having doors facing each other directly, this is conducive to arguments. In the floorplan this only happens in the basement towards the kitchen, but having the doors opened constantly should mitigate the effect.

– Avoid having the headboard of the bed against the bathroom wall where there is a sink, toilet or bath. In the floorplan, this does not occur.

– Avoid having sharp pointed objects. Soft rounded materials are best. The centre of the house should be as clutter-free as possible.

A note on bathrooms: Bathrooms don’t need to be fixed, but toilet seats should be kept down. Keep drains in sinks/tubs/showers closed when not in use. The energy of plants can slow down the overflow of water in the bathroom; as such, it’s a good addition to these rooms.