We are passionate about creating elegant and comfortable interior design, but we are equally committedto ensuring the process is rewarding and enjoyable for our clients.

We achieve this through a carefully-designed, step-by-step process that optimises the design and detailing stages, including any logistical or financial parts of the project. Through every stage of the process, we work with our clients and keep them fully informed of the plans and progress.

Our services  are driven by our commitment to delivering exquisite, perfectly imperfect interiors for both residential and commercial projects, on-time and on-budget.


Our starting point for every project is to fully understand our client’s practical requirements and personal aspirations. The initial no-obligation meeting is designed to enable clients to easily and enjoyably share their ideas and personal style, the practical requirements of the project, and how they would like their new interior to enhance their lifestyle or working environment.

This meeting is best undertaken in the home or location of the refurbishment, so we can fully understand the space as it is and how it could be transformed. Alternatively, we are very happyto welcome clients at our studio in Chelsea.

During this phase, we will also start to take into account logistical factors, such as budgets, timescales and planning requirements, along with any other practical considerations.


Following the initial meeting, we will present a proposal that outlines the brief as we understand it, as well as a clear initial project plan including estimated timelines, budgets, planning or logistical requirements, and our associated design fees.

We will also present a detailed description of the process, tailored to each client’s requirements. This provides an ideal opportunity for a client to raise any questions or concerns they may have about the process, as we are passionately committed to ensuring that clients are fully informed and comfortable with every stage of the project.


Once the proposal and detailed brief has been approved, we will present initial design concepts, which typically consist of creative and technical elements. Floorplans will be presented, showing ideas on space planning, structural changes, furniture layouts, bespoke joinery, lighting and audio/visual placement.

A range of mood boards will bring the concepts to life through a combination of construction materials, colours, fabrics and ideas for the furniture, fixtures and accessories. As we specialise in working with residential and commercial buildings with an innate sense of character, we pay particular attention to how your interior will feel homely and inviting, when lots of new elements are introduced. During this phase, we present concept sketches and elevations. It is very much a collaborative process, so we welcome an open, relaxed discussion.


During this phase, the approved design concepts are fully developed so that all of the necessary design detailing has been specified and ready to hand over to your contractors. We can recommend trusted partners or can work closely with your preferred suppliers on your behalf for the duration of the project.

During this stage, we will draw up detailed architectural plans and designs for fitted joinery and custom-made furniture, and present you with all final finishes and specifications. This encompasses all of the furniture, fixtures and fittings, along with the work undertaken by contractors (such as builders, decorators, plumbers and curtain makers).


Finally, should you required it, we can help oversee the team who will deliver the project to completion, should this be required. For larger projects we will work closely with an appointed project manager, who is responsible for the day-to-day logistics, quality control and long-term planning. From managing the tendering and procurement process to ensure maximum value and quality; to guaranteeing that the on- and off-site craftsmanship and trades are delivered to the required quality, budget and schedule; we can help ensure your new interior is delivered as smoothly as possible, with minimum hassle for you.

A key part of creating the perfectly imperfect design aesthetic is ensuring that the interior styling is also considered. We would be delighted to help you dress your new scheme with all of the essential finishing touches.


  • 5 favourite colour combinations:

Favourite colour combination 1
I love @farrowandball Paean Black and Sulking Room Pink. My next kitchen will be in this colour combination if at all possible ☺ The way they come out in the photo doesn’t reflect what they look like in reality.

Favourite colour combination 2
Lago Guatemala with Veronica from @bauwerkcolour. Made using natural pigments, the finished look is amazing.

Favourite colour combination 3
Again from @farrowandball, the colours Rangwali and Teresa’s Green seem perfect to me.

Favourite colour combination 4
Another company I greatly admire is @britishcolourstandard. Two of my favourite colours are Bokhara Green and Willow Grey.

Favourite colour combination 5
Last but not least, a company that has recently crossed my inbox is @francescaspaintsltd, who makes eco paints. I love the combination of these two colours.
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  • With all of this time at home, many are starting to notice things in their decor, perhaps thinking about a sofa that could really do with some sprucing up or contemplating how they could use a room more efficiently or effectively. In some ways, it's the perfect time for a fresh interior design or decoration! If you need inspiration, please do get in touch. There is a lot that can be done while on lockdown, so when this 'season' ends we can hit the ground running!
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  • We are all adjusting to and coping with this difficult time in different ways. Some are enjoying not having to commute and love having more family or me-time. Others are pulling their hair out trying to entertain kids while getting work done. And some have to get inventive with their workspace. I heard of one man who allegedly has to use an ironing board for his desk - I bet he has never used it more! There are many funny stories going around. At this time, I think we can all use some cheer, so please share one that made you laugh 😊 
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  • At the time I was doing this project I was into white. The project was in Spain and it was hot! I felt I needed clean, airy spaces. Looking at this picture now, I wonder if the second time around, I would paint this wall a colour ... what do you think? If you’d like to discuss your home design project, contact me and I’ll be very happy to chat (link in bio).
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