The Access Package

An exploratory step into Interior Design

Getting an interior designer for your home can be daunting as it’s an area you probably don’t have a lot of knowledge about and you don’t know how much will be involved. Maybe you just want a little help to get you going! Someone to discuss the overall plan with and to nudge you in the right direction.

I would like to offer a small package where I can listen to your needs and give you some advice and maybe even introductions to suppliers which I think will fit your needs.

The package is a set deal where you will have an initial idea of what you could do, if you decide you want more help then I am always happy to make a more in-depth package!

What’s included?

Recommendations will include some of the following, depending on your personal needs:

– Furniture placement sketch
– Colour scheme
– Potential finishes for flooring and walls
– Lighting
– Soft Furnishings and Decoration.

What do I need from you?

In order to use our time in the best way possible I will need some information from you before starting.

This will include:
– A questionnaire (you will receive a link)
– A floorplan (use this app if you don’t have one!)
– Pictures of your home
– Any other information or images on likes and dislikes that you have!

To purchase the package, please click on the button below.


Once I have received payment, I will be in touch to discuss how you would like to proceed with your package.

selecting colour swatches to match your interior design colour theory planning