Ana Engelhorn was born in Switzerland, to Spanish and German parents, and travelling extensively has always been a way of life. Through her travels Ana has experienced some of the world’s most celebrated hotels and an array of beautiful private homes, yet the interiors that always made the biggest impression were those that had a sense of character.

These characterful interiors were created through playful curiosity, not a trend, and they were designed through life experiences and personal taste, not a formulaic process. They felt like homes. Places that were lived in. Places that were so welcoming and honest that they didn’t feel designed at all.

This passion for unique character and relaxed luxury has stayed with her.


Perfectly imperfect interior design is about bringing out the innate authenticity of a room and its objects. Echoing the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, we celebrate the imperfections found in natural building materials such as a rough hardwood floor and emphasise rich textural sensations like the feel of silk, cotton and oxidized metal.

In older buildings, we focus on restoring a room to its original state, highlighting any historical features, while adding a modern twist. In new-build homes, we are guided by the client’s needs to inform the design and shape of the house, bringing in older pieces to complement the new.

We love working with organic materials and furniture in its raw state to, above all, craft stunning, luxurious interiors our clients feel at home in.


When you come to Ana Engelhorn Interior Design, you get access to a whole team of people. Most of the required interior design skills are covered in-house, but when a project needs certain outside expertise, we are able to draw from a group of carefully selected professionals that we are proud to call our team. I’m really pleased to introduce some of them:

Natalie West

Chartered Accountant, Orana Corporate

Natalie West is a Chartered Accountant who holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University in Australia. She has over 20 years of financial and corporate experience gained in practice (in both Australia and the UK), commercial and the financial services industry.

Natalie is the founding Partner of Orana Corporate, an accounting services outsourcing company offering services to listed and unlisted companies, which she launched in 2013 after taking a career break to start a family. Prior to that, she was at Goldman Sachs Asset Management where she spent six years, predominately in a business development role as Co-Head of the Global (excluding US) Institutional Money Market Fund business.

John Allsopp

RIBA certified Architect, John Allsopp Studio

John is a registered architect with extensive experience in the architecture and interiors industries, most recently in the role of Project Director at one of the UK’s most renowned design practices. His work has consistently been driven by the needs for personal service for demanding private and commercial clients, while delivering the highest levels of design and technical detail.

John has led and collaborated with design teams in the UK and internationally on residential, hospitality and retail projects and now runs his own Studio.



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