Ana Engelhorn was born in Switzerland, to Spanish and German parents, and travelling extensively has always been a way of life. Through her travels Ana has experienced some of the world’s most celebrated hotels and an array of beautiful private homes, yet the interiors that always made the biggest impression were those that had a sense of character.

These characterful interiors were created through playful curiosity, not a trend, and they were designed through life experiences and personal taste, not a formulaic process. They felt like homes. Places that were lived in. Places that were so welcoming and honest that they didn’t feel designed at all.

This passion for unique character and relaxed luxury has stayed with her.

Ana is an Associate of the Society of British and International Design (SBID), one of the leading British professional accrediting bodies, supporting professional and trading standards of UK Interior Designers, Architects and manufacturers.




Perfectly imperfect interior design is about bringing out the innate authenticity of a room and its objects. Echoing the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, we celebrate the imperfections found in natural building materials such as a rough hardwood floor and emphasise rich textural sensations like the feel of silk, cotton and oxidized metal.

In older buildings, we focus on restoring a room to its original state, highlighting any historical features, while adding a modern twist. In new-build homes, we are guided by the client’s needs to inform the design and shape of the house, bringing in older pieces to complement the new.

We love working with organic materials and furniture in its raw state to, above all, craft stunning, luxurious interiors our clients feel at home in.


When you come to Ana Engelhorn Interior Design, you get access to a whole team of people. Most of the required interior design skills are covered in-house, but when a project needs certain outside expertise, we are able to draw from a group of carefully selected professionals that we are proud to call our team. I’m really pleased to introduce some of them:

Katie Jones-Hook

Interior Architect

Katie is an interior architect with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, she is now based in South West London. For the last 9 years, she has been freelancing for interior designers helping them to build highly detailed and comprehensive technical documentation packages.

She has worked on residential, hospitality and corporate projects throughout Africa and now in the UK.

Katie runs her own studio under the name KJH Interiors.



John Allsopp

RIBA certified Architect, John Allsopp Studio

John is a registered architect with extensive experience in the architecture and interiors industries, most recently in the role of Project Director at one of the UK’s most renowned design practices. His work has consistently been driven by the needs for personal service for demanding private and commercial clients, while delivering the highest levels of design and technical detail.

John has led and collaborated with design teams in the UK and internationally on residential, hospitality and retail projects and now runs his own Studio.


Liam Wales


Liam is an artist who works alongside interior designers and architects to make unique, hand-drawn concept visuals of interior and exterior spaces. His background in sculpture and as a cabinet maker has given him skills essential to this process.

Liam’s drawings offer an organic, bespoke alternative computer-generated presentations, giving clients more a sense of atmosphere than CGI’s can.

By working closely with the designer or client, an artistic dialogue is established that allows him to make immediate changes as the design evolves and stays true to their vision. The resulting visual, whether a loose sketch or a more worked-up watercolour, evokes the idea of a real space.  More of Liam’s work can be found here.


  • This is a 'Meet the Team' post. It is important to have people with whom we can bounce ideas around and who push us in the right direction when we need it. Let me introduce the wonderful @katiejoneshook - she is an Interior Designer on our Team :) Click the link in our bio to discover more about us and our team.
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  • The dynamics of my job means no day is the same - it keeps me fresh! However, although I love what I do, we all need a break. I've just returned from a trip to visit craftsmen and artisans in Spain and am now ready to sit down and do some admin. Happy Tuesday everyone 😊 Click the link in my bio to find out more about our interior design studio!
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  • A big part of my job is to present my ideas. How I present these ideas is very important as my materials will reflect my brand. I thus want to feel confident and proud of both. To that end, check out the latest addition to our marketing department: a beautiful presentation folder - with a sneak peek of our Chiswick project! To discover more about us and the way we work click the link in our bio.
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  • There is much in the news right now about what we as consumers or the government as policy-makers can do to mitigate climate change. As designers, there is a lot we can do too. In my Journal, I wrote about an idea @christinadean inspired in me when we discussed her passion of textiles and the @thercollective - link to article in bio.
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