Ana Engelhorn Interior Design is a London-based design firm who unites the old with the new to create fresh, timeless interiors for residential and commercial properties.

Echoing the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, our perfectly imperfect style brings out a room’s innate authenticity, celebrating the imperfections found in natural building materials and highlighting rich textural sensations.

In older buildings, we focus on restoring a room to its natural state, highlighting any historical features, while adding a modern twist. In new-build homes, we are guided by the client’s needs to inform the design and shape of the house, bringing in natural elements to complement the new. We love working with organic materials and furniture in its raw state to craft luxurious, stunning interiors our clients feel at home in.

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Born in Switzerland, with Spanish and German roots, founder and creative director Ana Engelhorn incorporates her international background and interests in travel and art into her exquisite interiors.

Having received her interior design certification from The Professional Design Institute, she has worked across Continental Europe for ten years, with her designs featuring in a variety of prestigious UK and Spanish magazines and newspapers.

Now based in London, Engelhorn is excited to meet new clients and share her energy and ideas on how to live better with the old, the renewed and the new.


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  • I particularly love this room: the Art Deco chairs and the large French Empire bookcase, with original glazing and bronze motif details, are just amazing. The deep red colour (philharmonic paint from @papersandpaints) works perfectly in here as it's a small room, so the colour doesn't overwhelm.
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  • Video to describe our ethos and our way our style
  • There is something about a brightly coloured hallway that I find particularly appealing. When you open the front door of a house, warm, bright colours can help to draw you inside - your instincts shouting: 'this is somewhere I want to be'! I think this bright yellow colour achieves just that - check out this video on my website to make up your own mind... do you agree?
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  • I recently wrote a Journal piece about colour (link above - do have a read) where I mentioned @joastudholme and the new book Recipes for Decorating that she has written for @farrowandball. Having now read the book - I can highly recommend it.  What I love about Joa's message is that in essence there is not one set rule for anything - so there aren't any rules to break! Where in life are you allowed to be that creative? It's a beautiful concept. Image by @camberyard and @rebeccachalliscommercial 
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