East London Apartment

A true conversion from white to colourful!

This apartment in London’s East End is owned by a professional working in the city who wanted to convert a property developer’s finished product into a more relaxed and elegant home. This was a true conversion from white to colourful – a challenge we gladly took on!

On entering the apartment, you are welcomed by a warm, two-tone Parmesan yellow from Graphenstone, from whom we sourced all the paints for this project. Their beautiful range of paints are breathable as well as eco-friendly. For the yellow in the hallway, we opted for a glossy finish at the bottom and a matt finish on top, giving it more texture without being too crazy! And the soft pink Damask door frames in the hall hint at the gorgeous colour to come in the open plan living and dining room. For the entrance hall, we sourced a nice side table from Fish&Lilly and a little bench from Iamfy, useful for sitting down to take your shoes off or just take a breather after a long day – soaking up the warm ambiance. The plants around the apartment all come from Patch, who make introducing greenery into your home effortless and fun.

East London apartment interior design table and round mirror against a bright yellow wall
Corridor in an East London apartment designed by Ana Engelhorn interior design with bright yellow walls and ceiling leading to the master bedroom in blue colour tones
Padded stool against a bright yellow wall in an East London apartment designed by Ana Engelhorn interior design

The apartment has two bedrooms and a study. We painted the master bedroom in a light blue called Venezia and added deep velvet curtains from the Designers Guild. We also redid the joinery and had a new wardrobe fitted by Joint Interiors who made a flush finish with antiqued glass. This opened up the room substantially, while also introducing a bit of elegance. Both rooms have little bedside tables, again from Fish&Lilly, who we love for their high quality, affordable furniture. Adding in lamps from Made give the bedrooms a sleek, uncluttered feel.

We painted the guest bedroom Cerulean, a darker blue than the master bedroom, and combined this with green velvet curtains. The bedding in both bedrooms is linen from Piglet in Bed and gives a very relaxed feel to the room.

For the study, we used brighter curtains with a gorgeous, elegant flower design, also from Designers Guild, and painted the walls Brunswick green. We also included furniture from Neptune in a lovely driftwood colour, which balanced out the room nicely.


The best room (in our opinion!) is the living and dining room, where the Damask pink on the walls contrasts with the beautiful George Smith sofas and Klint Karver chairs from Julian Chichester in Varese Magenta fabric – showing them off to fantastic effect. The glass coffee table from Cotswold Co and the fabric tables from Melimeli introduce a nice Scandinavian contrast to the plusher sofas. The windows in the apartment had all been styled in an office look so, with Chatelaine’s Curtains expertise, and fabric from Designers Guild, we used sheers and curtains in here to soften the overall feel of the space.

We also procured a piece of art from Lidia Mas Llorens – a striking addition to the dining area. And have you ever wondered how you can show off your wine collection? Homary has a great solution, ideal for decorating as well as saving space! We hung this wine shelf on the wall between the dining and living area.  Last but not least, the rug from Sacco gave the wooden floor in the living room a much-needed break with a lovely bit of soft white fluff!

All in all, a perfect professional’s apartment in the middle of the city – providing a cosy but elegant get-away after a hard day’s work!

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