The design process

April 25, 2023

This guide sets out not only how Ana Engelhorn Interior Design will help you revamp your home. But also, how you will always know the costs. Whether you are simply refreshing your rooms colours, furniture and accessories. Or recreating the feel of your home from scratch.

Throughout the project you will receive expert sketches and digital 3D models, floor plans, and more. That will bring your new home to life. And help you with any decisions you need, or want, to make. Of course, every design is different. Subject to flights of imagination and unexpected inspirations. At the same time, we work to a structured set of principles. That means we will reliably and professionally manage your home’s transformation. Without relying on off-the-shelf quick fixes.

But before we start, we will get to know you. This way you can trust us with where you live. And understand the financial investment your new home needs. But do not worry, this part is on us. It is free. So let us begin…

Download the Guide

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