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February 10, 2023

Desk made from reclaimed adds a natural and authentic feel to a work from how office and is complemented by a brown vegan leather chair and accessories


Although it has become very much a part of normal everyday life, the home office is in many ways a contradiction in terms. When a home should be a sanctuary, how can you integrate a working space into that environment? When we approach work from home office ideas, we must tackle the work / life balance head on and find a solution. Of course, this is different for every individual.

A Home office design should inspire productivity

How you work

From a multipurpose space to the dedicated piece that remains in situ, the desk is the centrepiece of at home office design. It is a wonderful opportunity to start with statement furniture that offers a springboard to the rest of your home office design ideas. Alternatively, go for an unfussy, practical desk that will complement the room as you style it. How you organise your desk is another matter entirely; so it is worth perusing this Architectural Digest range of tips. Remember that while your desk space must be practical, there should also be room for atmosphere, in the form of foliage or art. This gives your brain an opportunity to rest by simply moving your focus.

Bronze mask sculpture on a plinth is an ideal accessory for a work from hoe office


As the main support to your body, a functional, ergonomic and supportive chair is vital. But don’t forget that it must also look in keeping with your room. This is because when you’re not working, you will see the chair in all its glory. Chair design is brimming with great pieces, using sustainable materials that are ideal for many home office design concepts. If you have the space in your home office, perhaps consider breakout seating. This isn’t just for conferences and open plan corporates, you know! A corner with more relaxed seating will alter the tone of your home office, adding a softness that is great for working balance.


The work from home norm is, for many of us, centred around virtual meetings and video calls. This means that your ideas for home office design need to take into account how you present yourself. This is where lighting really comes into its own. In any interior design plan, I think it is crucial to plan lighting in layers. From pendants to floor lamps and focus lighting, this is where atmosphere is really made. It is important to get it right so as not to strain your eyes, but also the texture created by lighting layers is ideal for presenting your online self!

A home office design with bold blue paint made by Fidel Matt Emulsion from The Cuban Collection by Francesca’s Paints. The blue colour brings out the detail in the dark wood of the desk and shelves.


If you are going to have any kind of productive day at work, it is important to have clarity in your environment. This means that your at home office design should encompass practical and attractive storage solutions. Remember that your storage or bookcases may also form part of your virtual call backdrop, so it is worth some thought. The best way to approach this is to identify how you best work. Do you respond to being in a space surrounded by ideas, or do you prefer cool clarity? For one person, a whole wall of open storage for books, boxes and files may feel like a vibrant and creative space. For another, a wall of hidden storage may be crucial to maintaining focus.


Establishing a space that supports your wellness requires more than just an ergonomic chair and a screen at the correct height. Your design choices in your work from home office should create a room that you want to be in, and that inspires you. From floor plants to focal point wall art, these touches should make a home office undeniably yours. They help to ground us during a working day that can invariably become hectic and pressured.

Detail of the arm of a leather sofa in a naturally bright room with yellow walls and book shelving can make the perfect breakaway space for a work from home meeting area

Make your home office design work for you

Your home office is, predominantly, a working area. However, I believe that it is really important not to ignore the fact that this is still part of your home. With personal touches and perfectly imperfect design pieces, you can create an office space that supports your productivity whilst still protecting your wellness. My guide has more tips, and for a helping hand just get in touch!