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Interior Design Ideas for Every Room

January 28, 2023

Coffee table books and inspirational interior design ideas for every room.


We all know that interior design ideas are intensely personal. People have different tastes, habits, personalities, and lifestyles. And that’s before we even touch on budgets! As part of this individuality, each of us tackles the process of styling our home differently. It makes sense to understand the merits of each room individually as well as how the room sits within an overall home aesthetic. I am passionate about making a home both beautiful and personal. That is why perfectly imperfect interior design ideas are so helpful.

Make an interior design statement in every room

Create a luxury hallway design

Your experience when you enter your home is very different to that of visitors. Successful hallway interior design will provide both an enveloping security and a charismatic welcome all at once. This balance is different for every home, but there are key principles to remember. Essentially, how lighting, storage, and wall features can help to bring together a hall design concept that draws you into the living areas.

Design a living room interior that inspires

When we then think about living room design inspiration, I’m not going to tell you that orange is the new green, or that velvet is the must have fabric of the season. Instead, I prefer to help people to identify what luxury living means to them. First and foremost, living room interior design should support your lifestyle and reflect your passions. Think about statement art, carefully chosen opulence, and accessories that tell a story. Once you start searching for these pieces, you will soon be on the cusp of inspirational interior design.

Luxuriously designed living room interior with vaulted ceiling, mustard-coloured couch, upholstered armchairs, fireplace and statement pieces including an oversized wall clock as a focal point above the couch.

Dining room interiors to entertain and relax in

In a world where informal entertaining has nudged the dining room into a bit of a back seat, to decorate a dining room is a real treat. So there are loads of wonderful opportunities to include statement features and fittings here, making a space that is truly unique. Of course, it is important not to get carried away. One of the key ways to maintain a budget is with a high/low decorating principle. Invest in designer lighting and bespoke or antique furniture and you need not spend the earth on subsequent accessories.

Kitchen interior design to cook up a storm

One room that we all know demands a chunk of budget is the kitchen. Because who doesn’t want a luxurious kitchen? Of course, the genius with kitchen interior design is in creating that luxury feel without overspending. This is why layout is so important, since a functional space that is easy to move around and use will naturally feel more deluxe. On top of this are all the accents, features and accessories that make your kitchen unique to you. This room is a wonderful canvas for elegant and perfectly imperfect interior design ideas.

Rest easy with interior design ideas for the bedroom

Elegance is a concept that many of us seek when it comes to luxury bedroom design inspiration. An understated room that offers both sanctuary and energy. This room is all about high quality materials and thoughtful use of space. If you don’t have it, there are ways to optimise what you have. If you do have it, there are ways to use that space that keep the room personal and intimate. Create texture and depth with interior design to inspire the senses, with light, smell and touch.

luxury bedroom with mauve coloured walls and ceiling, and dual entry on either side of a king-size bed leading to an en-suite.
luxury bedroom interior

A guide to interior design ideas for every room

I often find that the largest obstacle to realising interior design concepts is in articulating the moods that you want to create. My ideal home guide a great starting point when it comes to detangling those abstract ideas.

My passion as an interior designer is in helping my clients to create a home that feels organically theirs. One that has sprung from their loves, their history and their lifestyle and that truly tells their story. When many people begin to embark on their home decorating journey, this part is often the hardest. So this part is where I begin.

Get the guide, get inspired and get in touch to reimagine your idea home