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Luxury Bedroom Ideas

February 20, 2019 | By Ana Engelhorn

What makes a bedroom luxurious? Is it a huge king-size bed or high-quality linen sheets? Maybe it’s the beautiful lighting or a gorgeous rug to add warmth and comfort to the room on cold winter mornings. In truth, all or none of these ideas might be what makes a bedroom feel luxurious to you. Ultimately, whatever works best to help you relax is what you should choose. Luxurious bedroom ideas only work if they calm you and create that sanctuary from the world that we all crave.

Can a bedroom be too big? I don’t think so. A bedroom can be so much more than a place to sleep. If you have the space, why not include a sofa area to retreat to when everyone else has made the living room a war zone? You might love the idea of relaxing in a warm bath in the evening, perhaps with a book and a glass of wine. That’s not so relaxing if someone is hammering on the bathroom door to get in while you are trying to unwind. Solve that problem by installing a beautiful Drummonds freestanding bath in a corner of your bedroom with some beautiful yucca plants next to it. It’s not as uncommon as you might think – and comes with the bonus of utter, sublime privacy.

Not every bedroom will comfortably accommodate a king-size bed. Yes, a large bed seems like it would be a must in a luxury bedroom, but if the bed is too large for the room, it will just make the room feel cramped.  A better idea would be to choose a slightly smaller-sized bed and put it in a corner, so it doesn’t dominate the room. Then you can carefully select other pieces of furniture to complement it. Create a reading or lounging corner and the bedroom will feel balanced and airy rather than over-filled.

I find that linen sheets like the ones from Larusi help give the bedroom a relaxed feeling. To rest your eyes before going to bed, it can be beneficial to light some candles like the ones from P. F. Candles – I personally love the whisky-scented one, which gives off a lovely, musky scent.

Without going down the ‘romantic’ route, have you ever contemplated having a large mirror leaning up against a wall in your bedroom? It can be a fantastic way to reflect light as well as be a beautiful decorative detail. I chose an antique mirror with original glass for this bedroom and it works wonders when you walk up the stairs and into the room, reflecting light coming in from the opposite window.

For those of you with perfectly imperfect hardwood flooring, it is great to have the heavenly touch of a Jennifer Manners rug, so when you wake, your feet hit the soft hand-knotted material. Colours in the room can be lively but shouldn’t stress you out.

A beautifully designed bedroom is one that gives you a sense of peace and calm, where the surroundings and furnishings give you joy and comfort. Essentially, the best luxury bedroom ideas for you, are the ones that create this feeling of sanctuary for you. The same combination of furniture, furnishings, colours, and fabrics, may not be the right choice for everybody.

Sometimes people have a feeling for what they would like but have a hard time articulating it. That’s where an interior designer comes in to help you translate these feelings into the reality of the perfect bedroom.

If you are embarking on a bedroom redesign without a designer, then the bedroom section of the free download, A Guide to Your Ideal Home, will help you get your ideas in order.

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