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Luxury Bathroom ideas

May 15, 2019

One word comes to mind when I think about luxury bathrooms: Drummonds. They have the most beautiful freestanding bathtubs and basins imaginable. When you look at one of their baths you can tell a lot of labour and craftsmanship has gone into it. The traditional process they use to produce their baths is a true love story. You can read it in this post in their Journal, celebrating their 30th anniversary. Their baths are beautifully handcrafted as well as fun. I especially love the one below, which I bought for the Barcelona Apartment Project.

Whatever your favourite brand, a truly luxurious bathroom, for me, is in the fixtures – they need to be high quality, warm and make a statement. The rest – floor, walls and ceiling – can be as white, beige or indeed, as colourful as you wish.

As with the bedroom, a plant is a wonderful addition, adding a sense of life to what is often a small room. Sometimes it can be hard to control the temperature in the bathroom, so if you don’t like a plant that can weather the storm, such as a Yucca, you can always buy a plant from Silk-ka, like the one below.

Picture from

I am not a huge fan of fake flowers, but this company makes them out of silk, and they are truly heavenly. I first saw them in Maison and Objet. They had the most amazing stand full of beautiful, colourful plants and flowers – all from Silka-ka.

Finally, as always in my interiors, there is art. While some might think art isn’t needed in a bathroom, I think it can make the piece stand out even more and really complete the room. In my most recent project, I had a limited budget and couldn’t change the bathtub. Instead, I included plants, a mirror and some art and these additions made the space. It was entirely imperfect when I started, yet I think that it ended up perfectly imperfect …