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London Interior Design Inspiration

July 12, 2022

London Interior Design Inspiration

The city of London is so many different things to different people. It is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and fashions. This means that we all probably have different versions of what we think London interior design might be. From sleek city lofts to boho period properties, the diversity of London architecture welcomes a breadth of different design concepts. But what is it that they share?

London Interior Design Style and Architecture

The history and nature of London mean that there are a huge variety of property styles across the city.  For some, the building will guide an interior design look. For others, the canvas is rather more flexible.

Georgian Townhouse

Large terraces of this era benefit from very high ceilings and large windows. This means that they feel light and airy, which is so important in a city that can sometimes feel claustrophobic. With ornate cornices and ceiling roses, the architecture tends to lend itself to a regency elegance and glamour.

Victorian Terrace

From a Kensington Mews to a Clapham terrace, smaller Victorian properties tend to balance the historical with the cosy. Built in much smaller proportions, these homes benefit from original features that can be embraced. On the flip side, they are also very accommodating to contrast with a modern look.

Mansion Flat

These larger, purpose-built blocks are typically Victorian but are rather more aspirational than terrace architecture. They tend to be located in affluent areas like Chelsea, Westminster, and Primrose Hill. The rooms range in size from front to back, so you can embrace diverse styles with your London inspiration.

Industrial Conversion

From Dockside factory to Canary Wharf warehouse conversions, these London flats are laid out to be cool and stylish. There are often industrial features that can direct your design inspiration to a more contemporary, functional look.

Contemporary Apartment

London simply never stops growing, and so there are of course apartments that are newly built in the mix. Glass-fronted buildings are light, bright, and shiny. So they are the perfect frame for luxurious features and minimalist lines.

70’s Modernist

Many areas of London, especially those destroyed in the second world war, have pockets of 60’s and 70’s homes and apartment blocks. While retro styles naturally sit well here, these homes are a fantastically blank canvas to mix and match your aesthetic.

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London Home Decor

As we know, London is home to a great many eras, styles, and concepts. It is a vibrant and active city that is always on the go. In this way, a true London design concept will embrace and reflect the London lifestyle. So which key looks scream “London”, and how do you go about them?


London has been the go-to city of elegance throughout history. It is synonymous with an effortlessness of living that borrows elements from other nations styles. A great example here is Japandi interior design, a mix of Japanese minimalism and Scandi style that is increasingly seen in high-end restaurants and clubs across the city.


No one can deny the links of London to the royal and distinguished. Historically, so much architecture lends itself to an aristocratic feel. Deep, stately colours in soft furnishings set off naturals and neutrals within the building. To anchor this concept, a statement piece of antique furniture is enough to set the tone in a room.

Urban Family

A city that is in touch with its roots, the London style should encompass the practicalities of living. Never was this more relevant than in the family home. London family homes are full of clever storage solutions and markers of personality. It is a look that balances shouts of “we live here!” with great quality features and finishes.


Teetering on the edge of a museum aesthetic, the historical London look could be anything from Regency to Art Deco. A period London home with original architectural features is a great project to sympathetically renovate with nods to authenticity of the era. Not only this, but a direct contrast with a modern extension is super on-trend and very London.

Startup Cool

With tech businesses continuing to boom in London, the playful and vibrant aesthetic that we see in startup offices is often extend to the home. Apartments that embrace fun, comfort, and cool. This London design concept mixes retro curves and pops of colour alongside original art and quirky statement lighting. There is a focus on integrating tech with design to make the space both striking and functional.


A luxurious interior is all about comfort and balance. But what makes this specifically “London” in its aesthetic?  It is all in the handcrafted mastery of furniture. While you don’t always have to spend a fortune on bespoke pieces, remember that London is home to a huge number of master craftsmen. This means that for a truly luxury London interior, we would expect to see statement pieces in this vein.

Creative Arts

The South of London has always been home to creatives and artists, and it is this vibrancy that this aesthetic seeks to replicate. A rather more Bohemian look, reflecting London creativity may at first glance seem ramshackle and chaotic. However, to get it right, layers must be built up in a thoughtful and coherent way in order to represent an authentic story. This includes soft furnishings, books, art, and clever reframing of original features.

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Local London

Each different area of London has its own ecosystem. It is important to remember locality when you create the interior of a London property. Buying local is not just something that is great for your weekly food shop. From local tradesmen to nearby markets, you can create a uniquely London interior by thinking local. Markets are a fantastic place to pick up vintage items that reflect the history of your home, while independent galleries and boutique shops house one-of-a-kind arts and accessories.

London is the city where anything goes. This does not mean that there is no such thing as London interior design, though. If I had to put my finger on one element of interior design that makes it “London”, it would be the story. Both of the building and the people. That is what makes London great, and it is what makes interior design in the city spectacular.