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Inspiring Art for Interior Designers

October 16, 2020

As an interior designer often working on full-home refurbishments, I have to have wide knowledge about interiors. While I can, of course, draw in specialists to lend their expertise in specific areas – which I do! – ultimately, to ensure I can clearly envision the project as a whole, I have upskilled myself in all areas and work to stay abreast of new developments.

In general, the Interior design world is full of fairs, workshops, conventions and, more recently, webinars – I have webinar invites coming out of my ears! But when it comes to specific interior design specialities or areas, to stay abreast you have to read read read, take a course or attend a workshop. I am no angel, and my reading, visiting and course or workshop-taking habits can always be improved. However, focusing specifically on the art world today, I wanted to share some resources that I use to try and stay in the know.

First, I work with Common Room Projects, an art consultancy who gives me tips about art shows that are coming up and good gallery exhibitions. While the pandemic has paused this, I am hoping to restart the service – and my visits – soon.

Second, I subscribe to newsletters from sites such as riseart.com, worldart.com and artsy.net. They are all brilliant for discovering new artists.

Lastly, I read newsletters from all the galleries I follow. For me, having recently moved from Spain, my favourite galleries are Galeria BAT, 3 Punts Galeria, Galeria Adora Calvo and Galeria Materna y Hernandez. My next job is to get on the list of some British galleries!

For me, art is something that puts the final touch on the space I am designing. An all-white apartment can be changed completely by some fun, playful art, like this piece for £450:

Contact Kate @commonroomprojects for more information

Or for something slightly pricier, at £2495:

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If you want to go even higher, and get a piece for an investment, consider Banksy. He is extremely sought-after, and prices go anywhere from £40,000 upwards. Here’s a piece I love:

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