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Sourcing Antiques and Art in the UK

August 10, 2020

With coronavirus still making its presence felt and quarantining rules coming back into force for various countries, it’s a little risky to travel outside of the UK right now. Most can’t afford to sit at home for two weeks after having been on holiday. Although many of us have become experts at working from home – this is not an option for all.

Despite travel abroad being off the cards for many, I think it’s fair to say almost everyone is feeling a bit stir crazy and could do with getting away!

So, what to do? As a foreigner, I think the roads in the UK are fantastic and the villages and countryside are beautiful. The Cotswolds is a charming area and I particularly love the village of Tetbury with its amazing antique stores. If you’re not able to go off on holiday this summer, I encourage you to take a day or two out and pay them a visit!

Here are my 5 must-see shops for sourcing antiques and art:

1. gallery B•R

This has to be number one. The space itself is very beautiful, Pep and Cuca the owners are friendly and knowledgeable, and their pieces are amazing. They don’t only have beautiful antiques they also have lots of art they curate from Miguel Alzueta in Barcelona. Two of my favourite artists @lidiamasllorens and @miguelmacayaartista can also be found there.


2. Brownrigg

This store has a lot of everything, and it’s not low quality as often happens when there is an abundance of something. Here the quality antiques are spread over three floors – it’s the sort of place you can stay in and browse for ages. As an interior designer, I also find their website the absolute top – it looks smart and works seamlessly. Antique dealers sometimes lag behind on this front, but Brownrigg’s is seriously easy to use.


3. Lorfords Antiques

Lorfords is definitely the place to go for antique garden items – decorative statues, huge ceramic pots, outdoor furniture. They also create beautiful bespoke furniture, which is worth checking out. And they have other items too; years ago, I bought some antique green bottles here which I still cherish to this day.


4. Muir Antiques

Muir Antiques, named after owners Stephen & Ines Muir, specialises in 20th century items. I bought some amazing car paintings here but adore their array of traditional kitchen towels too. You also can find a lot of very unique mirrors! Definitely worth a visit.



5. Trove of Tetbury

This is the place to go for that vintage or antique market feeling. I love losing myself in this store. They have millions of little treasures that won’t break the bank but decorate your space beautifully. I bought a green clock here that looks absolutely amazing on my mantelpiece at home.