Today was site visit day, the last one of my once a week visit for a while, I could already see that there were many less ‘new surprises’ which was great.  We are at a point where they have peeled away most of the parts and know what is happening where.  The electrics are still giving somewhat of a worry and in places it will have to be replaced but that is the only thing.  They have not looked at the roof yet though and that will be something to look forward to!
In the site visit there was someone from Symosis who gave me a presentation on the Audio for the house, this is the company MIC usually works with and they are comfortable with but the equipment they were offering was not as high tech as the equipment Fusion offered.  I will have to present both options to the client and see what she prefers.
When I got back it was all about writing reports and replying to emails again.  I received more samples of fabric for Freya’s bedroom from Annika Reed as well as another form Holland and Sherry which I will use to exchange one of the sofa materials.
I have one big issue left which is making sure MIC’s excel and my Order match, at the moment we are about £30,000 apart so I will have to go through one by one and see where out discrepancies are.  Big piece of work for tomorrow!