Today was such a lovely stress-free day. I went through the day sticking to my plan of work and taking moments to breathe in between. No hiccups occurred and I had presented the soft furnishings to the client, which went well. All but two fabrics were accepted and one I decided to change myself. I had chosen a lovely Holland and Sherry wool for an upholstered sofa, but it’s going into the boy’s room and I would be flogged if he perceived it to be slightly itchy ;). Instead, I went for velvet. I will get it stain-proofed and for £150, will also get an amazing 5-year insurance, which covers any spillage, breakage or any other damage (except wear and tear) 🙂!
I have also had to spend time working on my business, doing admin and updating my Instagram plan, writing microblogs for the coming month, and replying to emails from suppliers wanting to get in touch. The wicker baskets that arrived from Khayni are amazing – absolutely lovely and very useful for us here.
All in all a great day 🙂. When I feel that I have done well by my client, I go to bed so much happier!