Thank God it’s Monday. I spent the weekend doing AutoCAD lessons and building an electric go-kart for my daughter from Infento. I bought it as something to build together and have here in the countryside, where we’re staying. I think it’s great to create things together – I try to do anything to get her away from her iPad! My daughter’s favourite game right now is Rodeblocks and she plans her houses, their design and what she wants to have in each room on paper before putting it in her app. If in 15 years’ time she becomes an interior designer, she can say she started on Rodeblocks when she was 10 years old 🙂!
Today started slow and I really concentrated on staying relaxed and working through things bit by bit. As the day went on, I got more and more frantic about bits and pieces and ended up having a 12-hour day. The bathrooms and kitchen are still looming in the foreground when they should be done by now. Designing a kitchen myself is definitely more time-consuming here in the UK than it was in Spain! I am very thankful, though, for the help of people like Richard at Robbert Timmons Furniture and Katie, who drew the design on AutoCAD. Thank God that in that regard I can stick to the design part 🙂.
I also got stuck in the accounting. I had many invoices to record and payments to receive and match with those invoices. Payments were made all bunched up with no reference number, discrepancies with amounts occurred, and it was just a nightmare. Again, my saviour is having the right team built up, which I have worked to create over the past year – having this strong foundation in place saves me every time. I do accounting with Dickinsons, and Ashley is my knight in the accounting kingdom.
My soft furnishings presentation is growing by the minute as I add more and more details into the presentation itself. Information has come back on bespoke sofa beds I am having done and the fabric I chose for them is also going to be presented. The final curtains, which I didn’t think I could present at this stage, have also unfolded as samples have arrived. I have to say,  in this time of coronavirus, I don’t know what I would do without deliveries. I would have had to do everything with eyes half closed. Lots to be thankful for today.
Ah, last but not least, I received SIM cards for my cameras in the project that I will install on Wednesday and hopefully I will be able to record the project live!