11. An Interior Designer Diary – Fabric Samples and Downpayments

June 11, 2020
Today was a very nice, easy working day as well. I seem to have gotten over the ‘worst’ of it and things are a bit calmer. I got through Rev 7 of the quote with the builders and we are finally on the same page where numbers are concerned. There are a lot of remaining items they haven’t quoted yet, but all in all, I am happy and have been able to pay the first 10% downpayment. Funny to find someone willing to start work, spend money on supplies and use his people without even having had a downpayment! In general, I feel very good about the team and the builder. It has been a headache to do the quotes and I spent far too much time on them, but we have finally gotten there.
I also received more samples, one of which is ideal for the son’s sofa bed, so I changed that last minute. It’s good to remain flexible!
Holland and Sherry Fabric
Holland and Sherry Fabric
Also, Annika Reed’s sample arrived, and I have been able to order it to go with the Roman blinds of the girl’s bedroom. Making those orders I feel like I have closed an important chapter in the design. The next big thing for me is lighting, although I will have to order the wall-to-wall carpets for the second floor as soon as possible as well. I am not too worried about the different rugs for the rooms as there are very nice ones available without having to go bespoke.
There are some remaining issues in the kitchen and bathrooms that keep on taking moments of my time, but I am hoping these will be settled soon. Most of all, I am feeling blessed at having this job which I love and this project right now during this difficult time. I have been spending so much time building the company part of things that I feel so happy now to be finally on the design part 🙂.