Finally it’s Friday! I ordered nearly all the fabric. Designers Guild has a glitch with their computers so those have not gone through yet, but apart from that it’s all on the way! I have now also opened the next can of worms, which is the lighting. 69 different lighting items of which some are multiple ones! It will be a long search. I have to find balance between not getting everything from different suppliers, but finding items that are perfect for that room – individual, functional and beautiful. As I have been quite daring with colour, I need the light to be extra perfect. I have asked Rebecca Weir to help me with downlights and specific lighting; I will also get her to check my work once I have found everything.
On the downside, the client has decided to go with an AV company that has proposed a rather humongous TV surround system. I am trying to make it work in the best way possible. There were two quotes on the table and this one was cheaper – the other company was incredible but perhaps too much.
I am looking forward to a nice weekend without any courses or work – a quick dip here and there but nothing major 🙂. I have ended the day with a migraine so it’s best to give my brain a little break!