Colour In Interior Design

May 28, 2019

As an Interior Designer, I often go to round table discussions, talks or conferences to stay fresh and inspired and keep up with any interesting new trends in the Interiors world. Once in a while, I go to one of these events and come home not being able to sleep!

Last week was one such event. Organised by Camberyard, it was an evening talk and Q&A session with Joa Studholme, colour curator at Farrow and Ball. Joa is an incredible personality and spends her time inventing new colours and giving them fun and memorable names. Her palette has many shades of white, beige and grey. She also has many brighter, more unusual colours, like Rangwali and Preference Red – two colours I will now use in my own house when I redecorate!

farrow & ball colour palette

Listening to her speak, I experienced one of those transcendent moments when you feel you are not alone in the world – someone has similar thoughts to you, you have a kindred spirit. Not only did I feel connected to what she was saying, I learned about new concepts and ways to use colour that I’d never before considered. I would highly recommend her talk to anyone with an interest in interior design or decorating.

Farrow & Ball paint tins

The majority of my interiors’ projects in Spain and Switzerland have used a more natural colour palette, in keeping with the natural building materials, with the odd splash of more vibrant tones. In the Farmhouse Project in the Catalan countryside, for instance, I painted the doors and windows in blue, and had sparks of colour in the contemporary artwork, but generally used more neutral tones. However, since arriving in London, my projects have been bold and full of colour – perhaps to counter the grey skies! I now think about past projects and wonder, if I were to walk in now, would I change some of the colours, be slightly bolder perhaps and test out new theories?!

Ana Engelhorn at Farrow & Ball

Joa has recently written a second book Recipes for Decorating (the first she wrote in 5 weeks at the crack of dawn just to show her husband she could do it!). It’s a perfect guide for anyone who wants to redecorate their home. I actually bought it before I knew I was going to her talk but hadn’t yet gotten around to reading it. It has now come down from my bookshelf to my night table – I’m beginning it tonight!

Images by @camberyard @rebeccachalliscommercial

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