Interior Design

Luxury Hallways

August 26, 2019

Do you remember the excitement you felt before opening your presents when you were small? Thinking about what was inside – wondering if it was what you hoped for or perhaps a complete surprise! This is the thrill I feel when I enter a new house, hotel foyer or room. For me, the anticipation is almost the most exciting part as I think about the potential look and style – will it shock, disappoint or delight? I wonder if I will instantly see its promise.

The entrance sets the tone for the rest of the building. It needs to impress and make a person want to see more. Imagine the amuse-bouche in a restaurant – if it is awful, will you stay for the starter? You can check out some of the world’s most spectacular hotel entrances here.

So, what is a truly luxurious hallway at Ana Engelhorn Interior Design? It is a space that invites you in, sets the tone for the rest of the place and makes you want to see more. To achieve this, image a decluttered space, with a place for all those things that need to be at the door: shoes, coats, keys and any favourite knick-knacks. The colour of the walls in the hallway should be bright. I absolutely love yellow, but it could be any colour that makes you want to come in from outside. The wall colour should also lead you to where you want people to be drawn. In my upcoming project, that is towards the kitchen. As the kitchen will be a shade of pink, the ceiling of the hallway will also be pink. This will give the illusion of being taken in towards the kitchen. I will let you guess the colour of the walls!

There are decorative but functional items that are great to have in the hallway. One is a mirror – perfect for when you are running out at a moment’s notice and need to check if you have something between your teeth. Or, if that would never happen to you, to check if your makeup is still on properly or your hat is at the right angle. If you have bold colours on the wall, these white framed mirrors could be just the thing. I also love a bowl to hold my keys and, in a hidden cupboard, a little First Aid, tissues and sunglasses … but for me, those things need to be hidden. Just imagine this Arts and Crafts silver box from Lennox Cato Antiques as your key holder. Walls should never be left naked. I would suggest a piece of art rather than family pictures. I prefer to keep personal photos on the higher floors so that only guests who you let into the deeper parts of the house can see them.

To finish off – the lighting! I would suggest a row of lights if you have a long hallway or an impressive chandelier if your hallway is broad but short. It’s important to choose a pendant light that is the correct size for the space. If the light is too big it will instantly disturb the flow and if it’s too small it will be easy to miss, which a decorative item never should be. If you want to make a statement, what about this antique pendant lamp from Fritz Fryer? It is truly amazing.

Remember that first impressions are important, but more important is when people leave your home they will have enjoyed the amuse-bouche, the starter, the main course and the dessert!