Lots of things coming together today. I feel really good about things finishing up on time and happening the way I want them to. I found the last couple of carpets I needed and decided on the wall-to-wall carpet for the two upstairs rooms. The client has added another item of lighting to my list, which might be a struggle to get but I think I can do it as well.
What is starting to appear on my To Do list now is gathering together all the information for the CGIs – this takes a momentous amount of time. I have to go room by room and gather plans, finishes for walls, ceilings and floors as well as all furniture, accessories and art items, putting them into a separate new folder that I will then share with the CGI designer. Then, as sometimes things need explaining, there is a lot of back and forth. So, very time consuming but very good for deciding those final details before signing off the design part of the project.
On a personal note, I have moved office! I have finally been able to make the swap and move into the office that I started renting two months ago. I’m looking forward to increased productivity and space again 🙂