I didn’t have a full day on the project today. I had to do a lot for my own business and had to look after my accounting. After doing 60+ orders on this project, I have a lot of recording to go through! At least it’s good sign that business is moving on though 🙂
I also had to make some payments and check my Estimac to make sure that all orders were on time for the project. I got notice that the Drummonds Bathroom order is on its way, which is good news. The wall-to-wall carpet is also ordered and will actually arrive in 3 weeks, which is amazing. I definitely will put carpets on my list of things to learn and do much much earlier. In a perfect scenario, I will have a project that has all the time in the world to be completed!
As a little extra today, as I don’t have much news on the project, I would like to include a time-lapse video of the boy’s bedroom design progress. I hope you like it …
And, if you have bedrooms on your mind, you might find the post Luxury Bedroom Ideas inspiring!