32. Interior Designer Diary – Mixing Project Stages

July 16, 2020
Today was a check up day and I realised that I’d not yet placed orders with three lighting suppliers I’d been awaiting an answer from. Thankfully, with the software I am using, if you do all your admin correctly, you will realise it’s not been done. With 60 different orders made, glitches like this can happen. Thank God I caught it now, though a little automatic reminder would have been nice 🙂
I have also decided on some lovely material from Rose Uniacke that will go on an armchair and some cushions in the Lounge. The fabric is a dream; its softness will complement the harshness of some of the other materials in the room, such as stone, rubber and glass.
I have now presented three of the five rugs that I need to organise and hopefully will be able to show the other two today. With the rugs and carpets nearly all sorted, I will prepare my presentation for the final look. This will include the furniture items we have yet to get along with those already ordered or those the client is bringing.
People who have been following me from the beginning will know that I have done this project slightly different due to time constraints. I’ve had to mix the design and implementation stages to ensure the house is ready for when the owners move in. Mixing project stages is not ideal as the costs aren’t all known in advance and sometimes you feel as if you are walking blind. However, I believe that as interior designers we have to be flexible and adaptable, especially with unforeseen circumstances and events. If we’re upfront and transparent, communicating to the client what’s going on and why, and the client is clear about what they’re getting into, then I feel it’s ok to shift the original schedule. It helps that for this project there isn’t a set budget.