I am getting along fine, now finding the last of the furniture items, which seem to be the easiest to organise. Of all the items I’ve had to source for this project, the carpets have been the most difficult. I had a meeting with the carpet supplier today, Veedon Fleece, which was lovely and informative. There is nothing like putting a face and connection to an email and a name.
It takes a very long time to make carpets, and to be honest, I have always dealt with antiques, so am a bit of a novice in ordering bespoke carpets for a project. I haven’t thought antiques would suit this project as well, which is why I am trying to find more modern ones that are less multicoloured. A few different tones in the carpets would be nice, but in antique carpets you usually get five or more colours, which would be too much with all the colours already in the house.
I have also been searching for fabrics for upholstery, for which I have gone to Rose Uniacke. She has amazing fabrics and I am especially excited about using her products in this project. I had bought some amazing blankets from her before, so am pleased to be using her again.
As always, and especially because I am at this late stage of the project, there is a lot of admin and emails. Some bathroom items are arriving this week and there are invoices to pay. I feel like my computer and EstiMac programme are holding an amazing amount of information right now. If my computer were to crash, I think I would have a heart attack 🙂