The last couple of days I have been following up on many small strands that were cropping up and needed to be resolved, while at the same time working on the semi-final presentation (some items will inevitably be changed or need to be added at a later stage).
Some of the issues I’ve been resolving have been downlights that won’t fit in a void and bathroom downlights that have to be replaced because they are not IP-rated. The ducting for the kitchen has been tested (the part that has to be built) and I have now been able to order the missing parts. I have also decided to look for some lampshade fabrics. Initially I was thinking of letting a supplier do this, but I’ve now changed my mind 🙂 .
Tiny bits and bobs like this keep on popping up. I had to laugh when my mother said to me the other day that things must be calming down as it’s nearly the end of the project – in fact, things are only heating up! The anticipation of everything I have created, ordered and dreamt will now come together at last and I will find out if what I have envisioned actually comes true – it’s a bit frightening! Plus, there inevitably will be problems that will need to be solved, constantly veering me from what I had ‘planned’ to work on.
So main job has been getting the presentation together and this is now finished, I have included all new items apart from 2 (2 elusive cupboards which I am still sourcing) and I am working with the CGI artist to get those images done.  It is a lot of work of back and forth correcting what I don’t see as looking quite real enough 🙂