Although I didn’t get many hours at my desk today, the ones I did were well spent. I checked the presentation and made a list of all the items that had been added and that still have to be purchased. I then went to my software platform EstiMac, and made sure I had all the needed information to present the prices with the presentation. In the presentation itself, I will make detailed pages of each item that will help the client decide whether to get it or not.
I also ordered some things I have yet to get, like a fixture that will be needed to make 13 little lamps from one big lamp. This will be for the client’s office. I also started looking for hardware for cabinets and cupboards. I have found some fun ones from Chloe Alberry for the children, which I think they will love. I still have to find some elusive FF&E (furniture fixtures and equipment), but I will concentrate on that tomorrow!