Today was a very nice day. I met on site with Julie Suttle, who I work with for Project Management and Health and Safety. As I’ve mentioned, this project is not big enough to have to notify CDM and follow its regulations, but I still wanted to go through the process of checking health and safety as it’s important to get that right. Furthermore, as I was doing full project management rather than ‘just’ project coordination, I wanted to have someone like Julie on board to ensure I got it right. I am very glad I got her involved – she has been extremely helpful. Today she praised MIC the construction company, saying they are doing many things a lot of construction companies don’t, which is amazing validation to have 🙂
As I was on site, I was able to check on a couple of things and I love how the house is evolving. There is primer nearly everywhere and it’s looking great!
Apart from that, I was able to pay invoices on more fabrics for last minute cushions as well as chase some other supplies we are eager to have on site.