Today I spent the morning tidying up the presentation and then presenting it to the client.  Everything has been accepted except an office chair for the son.  I will get to ordering everything and then I will only have accessories such as bath towels and matts, plants and kitchen and dining ware to look for!  Quite exciting the feeling that everything is finishing up 🙂
Yesterday I had a bit of a scare as the client has decided to install a door when going up to the 2nd floor of the house.  This is precisely where two huge sofa beds will go so I have had to scrambled to make sure the door opening will be big enough to let the sofas through.  We have also been investigating with upholsteres on how the sofa can be taken apart and then assembled when inside.  It is all fine though as the company producing the sofas has done a site visit and seen that without the armrests on the sofas will fit fine.
Another little scare is that an extra fabric has arrived at the curtain makers address.  For a moment we weren’t sure if she had started working on a curtain with the wrong fabric or if the company supplying the fabric has done a mistake.  Thank god as well that it wasn’t our mistake and somehow they have sent us an obscure fabric with the wrong supplier code on.