Today was site visit day again! I don’t think our visit has ever gone as quickly as it did today … which is a good sign. There were hardly any mishaps (except that water is leaking from somewhere) and there has been fantastic progress on the house. The decorators are already starting to put the primer (in colour) in some rooms, so I can start to get a feeling of what the rooms will look like. The carpenter has also started on some of the joinery, which is looking great. I love the way MIC is careful on the details. I absolutely hate it when you look at cabinets and they’re just not sitting quite straight.
I got back in good time to write up reports and send questions and minutes to the client and the builders. Then came the dreary job of checking all the lighting invoices and recording charges on my EstiMac platform. It takes absolutely ages, but guess what – I ended up catching that a supplier only given me a 20% instead of a 25% discount. It’s not something I’d notice straight away on the invoice because they only subtract the discount at the end. So, all in all, a good day – tomorrow: payments 🙂