Today I got rather enjoyably side-tracked by looking for missing FF&E. As I’ve talked about, the client is bringing a lot of their own furniture so there aren’t loads of pieces for me to find, but there are still some.
I really like this ‘shopping’ part of the design, making it all come together. In my search, I found an LED mirror from Habitat that the son will love – it makes you look like you are going off into space.
Lighting invoices have been piling up in my inbox, but I have let them accumulate, thinking I would take care of them all after looking for FF&E. Needless to say, I didn’t get through many today. Not only was I sidetracked by furniture, I have been talking to suppliers about bespoke items that I am organising from others (that are not MIC).
I am still happy to have had a more balanced day of designing and doing admin. Tomorrow is site day, which is always exciting.