I am pretty much finished with the lighting and bespoke items presentations. Some bespoke items are still unconfirmed, but I am going to present the items that will be produced by MIC, the construction company and then create another section for bespoke items that are done by the carpenters and joiners.
I was also able to get all my client’s furniture organised so that when the movers come (today!), they can mark all the boxes with reference codes. This way, when they arrive, we can quickly direct boxes to the right room and get them unpacking fast. You know when you pack things in your old house that were in the living room but in the new house you want them to go to the kitchen? It’s not very helpful if on the box it says living room – you will spend ages lugging things from one room to another.
God, I am looking forward to furniture and I am looking forward to the final design coming together  to see how everything fits. I have also found a 3D-renderer from Pakistan who will create drawings for me. 3D-drawings are prohibitively expensive because they take so long to create, so in this instance, I am going with a decent option that should give a perfectly adequate view of how the rooms will look.