Today I have closed a big chapter of the design scheme. I have been able to do the lighting and bespoke items presentation and the client has approved all lighting and all bespoke items from the construction company MIC. This means I can now go ahead and order everything.
I have also finished reorganising all the client’s furniture and I have many little notes and changes that I will need to organise next week. I think Monday will start with a lot of admin and, hopefully by next week, all other bespoke items will be closed off.
I am really looking forward to going on site again this Wednesday. It feels like quite a long gap to only visit every two weeks, but as time goes by, and the work is less demolition and more intricate, the visual changes are fewer. The actual changes, of course, are quite big, as a lot of wiring and plumbing gets laid and a lot of issues get fixed. On Monday, I will have a look at the cameras as well, to see how the videos are evolving.
Happy weekend everyone!