Today was a very slow day, and I say slow not because I didn’t have much to do but because it was a very admin-oriented day. At the beginning of the project, as I’ve mentioned, the client sent me all the items she was bringing from her previous home. I had to place them in all the rooms to see what style I would be working with – it took absolutely forever!
However, during the design process and subsequent presentations, items got swapped around or taken out completely. I thus now had to go through all the items again to make sure that Estimac, the floor plans and the items list matched up so I could then give the client a final list of what she can bring and what we really just can’t place. So you see, not the most exciting task and even a bit mind-boggling at times, but definitely necessary.
I do need something to do while I am waiting for the last lighting suppliers to get back to me about some details that are missing, and for Rebecca Weir from to check my plans. I have also been working on the bespoke presentation. That process in itself raises a lot of questions for me that I need to answer before I present to the client.
Despite all of the fiddly details that need to be sorted, things are coming along nicely. I am quite excited to get lighting and bespoke items done so I can get to the furniture and accessories – for me, the much more exciting part 🙂