I am writing less now as the design part of the project is coming to an end and the implementation part is in full swing, though also slowly coming to a close. During this ‘slower’ period, I am mainly taking care of little issues that arise and dealing with last minute requests.
Today I went to check out the kitchen that is being assembled in Milton Keynes; it’s coming together quite well.  It’s good to go and see the items being made before they arrive on site as anything that differs from the drawings or is not quite to your liking you might still have time to change. The Robert Timmons kitchen is made of oak and the appliances are from Gaggenau. Robert Timmons’ service and help throughout the whole process has been amazing – I highly recommend them and will work with them again.
Apart from that, the lighting is arriving on site and payments have to be fulfilled for items that were being made. This means a lot of admin, checking things and making sure that what you receive is what you ordered. And of course, the little fires that arise due to us all being humans – those need fixing throughout 🙂