I am working along quite well doing a mix of things and keeping my work day quite interesting and fluid.
There are still some furniture items that I approved but haven’t ordered yet as there are some open questions for delivery from Spain. They are not essential pieces for the overall scheme though, so I am not too bothered.
I have had a few issues with fabric that have made me really nervous. One supplier has been a real headache from start to finish. I have too much fabric from them at the upholsterers (which I didn’t order and is not mine) and their flameproofing company suddenly decided that they can’t treat certain fabrics. I’ve thus had to run around finding other flameproofers (as an interior designer, you are responsible for fireproofing materials before they are used for residential projects).
I have started looking into accessories such as kitchen and dining ware. I will take the catalogues to the client and get her to make a shopping list. The client herself would like to look for most of the smaller accessories and soft furnishings like pillows and throws, but I will take care of some items.