Today was site visit day again and it’s actually my last physical visit for two weeks as I am going on holiday. I will return for the final week of the construction phase and snagging. I actually felt quite sad about going away and missing out on the day-to-day progress – it’s been such an amazing project that I feel like it’s my baby 🙂. . Also, it’s hard to leave now at the the fact that its revelation time and everything you have imagined comes together and you see what you have produced, which is always nice.
The site visit itself went really well, the colours are coming through beautifully and the construction companies work is amazing. I am really happy with them and I will recommend them again for any other project I have.  It was really good this site visit as well because I ventured into the Laundry room which was not in my brief and saw that the other construction company which was supposed to do some things there hadn’t done what they were supposed to do.  I actually called the client and said that we should get going with it as if not it wouldn’t be finished for their move in.  The client has given the brief to me so we are doing a mini overhaul in the laundry room as well.
Apart from that the 80 sqm carpet has arrived for the top floor and that will be put in sometime next week, very exciting!  The hardware is here for the cupboards and the sanding in the conservatory has started.  One of the most amazing things is how beautiful the floor which we reused is coming out.  They have sanded it and oiled it and it just looks great, I love it!