3. An Interior Designer Diary – Admin and Estimac

May 28, 2020
Today was one of these days where I did mostly admin to ensure that my Estimac software was up to date with all the actions created. That means recording payment and receipt of invoices, checking invoices against orders, and putting in missing information of items I would like to specify in the future. Estimac is an evolving platform for me where I record my thoughts and the actual items I will create in the project. Right now I am on line 721 and still have to finish FF&E!
I also got to a first drawing which Katie (my team member working on this project with me who is an interior architect) produced of the kitchen that I was able to send off to the supplier. If everything is correct, I will send to the client to review. After we’ve discussed and it’s approved, I will be able to get it quoted and start work on it.
I started looking for a bespoke sofa for the son’s room. It’s worrying me as is going against a wall with a low window, so my mission is to find a sofa with armrests that come below the window.
The curtain quote for the whole house has also been adapted slightly because due to the pandemic, the curtain maker wasn’t able to do a site visit before, but has now finally been able to go. This has changed the quote very slightly. I received tiles from Pallazzo Morelli that look wonderful but I don’t have a clear idea yet of how they will look once structured as I want them. I am in contact with them now to see if they can put together a sample mood board so  I can see how my selection of tiles will look together.

What I really need to get now is textiles for the curtains as well as for the items that need reupholstering, and then on to lighting. So much still to do!