Today the client accepted my implementation quote. This part of the project – the back and forth to see if anything is missed or can be cut down on – is always nerve-racking. I thus love having people from the interiors world that I can chat to, share questions and ideas with, as well as rely on for support. I belong to the Camberyard Collective, which makes it easy to access people from all areas of interior design. For this project, I worked with another interior designer to create the implementation quote. As I’m so deeply into the project, I wanted a second pair of eyes to ensure I wasn’t forgetting any details. I really pride myself on sticking to my quote for the time I say I’ll put in. If I end up spending more time, then I have to swallow it.
I have spent a lot of time this past week designing the kitchen. I found the appliances I like and the design I would like them placed in. Then Katie, the interior designer who helped me do the CAD-drawings, put together the drawings for it. I am now sure of the final design, but am checking all the little (but important) details with the supplier to make sure we have left the correct mm and cm for everything to work together perfectly. It has actually taken much longer than anticipated because I wasn’t going to design a kitchen, I was ‘just’ going to get a couple of appliances. This is due to the problem of the initial supplier in Italy (where everything was ready-made) having stopped production due to COVID-19.
Another item that has taken a little more time than anticipated is the bathroom next to the daughter’s room. I was going to use Piccolpasso, who do beautiful handmade tiles, but the order is too large for them so I now have had to find someone new. This will involve getting my ideas across to them, getting samples and presenting them to the client. I have managed to find someone great, but it takes time.