Interior Design

How to incorporate home interior design in any space

February 27, 2023

Beautiful lounge area of a Surrey home renovation with yellow painted walls designed by Ana Engelhorn


Here’s a myth that I’d like to bust about home interior design: that a space must be intricately coordinated to perfection. I believe that true perfection lies in the small imperfections that make up real life. This is the heartbeat of honest and authentically designed homes. And the wonderful thing is that with a bit of thought, and perhaps a few tips from my home redesign guide, anyone can achieve it.

Key considerations for a home interior design

Start with a plan

Planning makes any project more straightforward. This is no less true for home interior design. Start by making a line diagram of your room, including dimensions. Clearly mark windows, doors, and the angles that sunlight reaches into the room. List the colours and ambience that you want to prioritise in the new room design. Is there anything existing that you want to keep, and could this direct where your design concept should go? Sometimes it can be challenging to articulate all this, which is where the expertise of an interior designer can really help.

A mood board for a bathroom interior design that can be incorporated into any space showing a combination of tiles, washbasin, brass shower head, taps and fixtures.

Work with your lighting

The placement of your lighting choices has the power to direct the atmosphere of the room. This is why it’s so important to include a variety of lighting levels. These might include a central statement pendant, table and floor lamps, and focus or display lighting. With all of this depth, you can use different combinations for different times of day. Think about harnessing natural light during daylight hours. Can you use reflective materials to help to diffuse sunlight through the room? How about opening up your window dressing to allow more light in?

Choose the right colours

Colour theory is incredibly complex and can feel daunting when you embark on home interior design. Simply remember that your choice of colour must make you feel satisfied in that room. For you, this may be in the creative energy of yellows and oranges, or in the calm serenity of greens and blues. A neutral base with colour accented soft furnishings feels modern and vibrant. Or take inspiration from my Chelsea Townhouse design with complementary colour choices (that’s colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel). The important thing is that your choice of colours must be led by your personal preference. Francesca’s Paints is a wonderful source of eco-friendly, stunning colour palettes with a helpful consultation service.

Add accent pieces

Any room needs focal points (no, not the TV!) Often, a great statement piece of home interior design can even direct a whole concept. A decorative artwork, sculpture or clock are good examples of interesting additions to a well designed room. Prominently positioned mirrors look striking in themselves, and also help to diffuse light around your room. You may have existing items that hold meaning for you. Or you may source a piece of up-cycled, restored or reclaimed craftsmanship. Placement of these accent pieces is important, so think about how your lighting frames them and draws the eye. These details are a good place to seek guidance from your interior designer.

Invest in good quality

You get what you pay for – we all know that! Never is this more true than in furniture. High quality, bespoke or antique furniture will withstand redesigns and updates to your home interior design. Pieces of furniture that you want to breathe new life into can be rejuvenated with upholstery fabrics that complement your new design concept. Quality furniture and decor items can be combined with more run of the mill accessories to utilise high/low design principles. This helps to control budgets without compromising the durability of your room.

Master Bedroom with blue walls, freestanding wooden closet and stylish wood and chrome chair with eclectic wall art.

Realise your home’s potential with interior design

Any room in any home will benefit from interior design planning. No matter how small, or how functional the room, making design choices in the areas above can improve the space. Your interior designer’s expertise will make your rooms work and feel right for you.

Elevate your home’s style and sophistication and contact Ana for perfectly imperfect interior design that impresses in any space.