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How to Choose the Perfect Interior Décor Style

March 7, 2023

OMOP Carbones and Rubens red vintage tin for carbon and ribbons in interior decor setting in a Barcelona apartment designed by Ana Engelhorn

When you begin a home design journey, you may feel that you need a defined interior décor style from the outset. However, I think that this approach can do more harm than good. Remember that style exists in elements; there is no rule to say that one decision must be made and followed through across the whole home – or indeed a whole room. The important thing is to be informed about the styles that are out there so that you can pick and choose what works for you. This way will lead you to a perfectly imperfect, perfectly unique interior décor style.

Interior décor begins with inspiration

Set the tone for your interior space with colour

Your chosen colour palette has the power to create a specific atmosphere in a room. Colour theory is worth understanding, but there is no need to tone a whole room into one slice of the colour wheel. Remember that contrasting elements create a fantastic look. Don’t forget about how furniture materials such as woods, metals, and soft furnishings tie in together to introduce further depths of colour and texture. There’s an awful lot to keep in mind here. This is why an interior designer will often have an idea of what piece of furniture they are looking for to fit with the rest of the scheme. Even if it doesn’t yet exist!

Corridor in an East London apartment designed by Ana Engelhorn interior design with bright yellow walls and ceiling leading to the master bedroom in blue colour tones.

Consider form and function

An angular glass coffee table may be the most beautiful thing that you’ve ever seen but it should be appropriate for the space, and a home shouldn’t look like a museum or the cover of a magazine! This balance of form and function is at the heart of authentic interior design. Remember that the point is to create a stylish room that supports comfortable living – not a piece for an art gallery! Function must lie behind most interior décor style concepts. For example, in order to create a minimalist look, there must be sufficient storage to keep things tidied away. Similarly, country house style relies on layers of soft furnishings that create warmth as well as an appearance of legacy.

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Determine your budget

Obviously, costs must be a consideration. A budget need not be too rigid, but it is always worth setting boundaries and identifying which parts of your room need more generous spending. This high/low approach to interior design is a wonderful way to create a stunning space without breaking the bank. Interior designer expertise can really help here: not just when drawing up a budget, but when sourcing. Designers have trade contacts from whom they source supplies regularly, and know what is really worth spending on!

Vintage, pre-loved and antique drawers.

Sustainable and ethical interior design pieces

A reliable way to source furniture and décor that is both beautiful, sustainable and functional is to shop amongst vintage, pre-loved and antique. These classic pieces are products of great craftsmanship and are often built to last. Antique markets are a fantastic way to treasure hunt. Or for a contemporary twist, browse the upcycled, reclaimed and repurposed pieces through suppliers such as Retrouvius. You can even give a new lease of life to your own furniture with fresh upholstery and contemporary paint finishes.

Charlotte Watsons bread bin and pink Kitchenaid mixer on a kitchen counter with a nude figure lamp and shade against a deep green wall in a kitchen interior design setting by Ana Engelhorn in Chelsea

Personal features that reflect your style

Remember that your home should be about you and your family. There really is no substitute for art, furniture, or accessories that have been collected through your life. This is why bookcases are always so effective as a room design feature; they tell your story. As an interior designer, I prioritise getting to know my clients so that I can source unique pieces that suit them and their home. These become the signature pieces that create a ‘wow’ factor.

When you build up your own perfect interior décor style, remember to base it on a practical foundation that supports how you live. Then begin to layer concepts, colours and shapes based on your taste and preference. This approach will help you to create a space that both reflects your life and also fits your lifestyle.

Eclectic interior design luxury bathroom decor with blue and white striped walls, ball and claw bathtub, wooden flooring and cabinetry in a stylish Barcelona apartment designed by Ana Engelhorn.

Create your perfectly imperfect interior

Whether you’re looking to completely redesign your home or just add some interesting touches, there are many ways to update your interior décor. And contacting Ana is a perfect start to creating an interior space you’ll love to spend time in.