Today I took a day off from the project. I needed to catch up and do work for my own business development. It was a nice relaxing day and I actually spent the rest of the afternoon finishing my daughter’s electric go kart 🙂. In any profession, it is important to take time off, but when you work in a field where creativity is paramount, it is especially important. Inspiration can come from the weirdest places. I find the best ideas often come when you relax or focus on a completely different task or activity. When you’re ‘off-duty’, the solution to issues or schemes that just weren’t coming together or where you might be a bit stuck, can suddenly strike. Im often doing something completely different to my everyday work – like building a go kart! – and I’ll suddenly remember a supplier that would be ideal for a particular piece Ive been looking for for a project. The reality is, we never completely switch off and you never know when your subconscious mind, working away in the background, will sort out an issue and give you that lightbulb moment!