16. An Interior Designer Diary – Clever Storage Solution

June 18, 2020
Today feels like the end of the week. When I am on a project, it can be all-consuming, so my normal business responsibilities often get put to the side, meaning weekends and bank holidays are ideal catching up days. I’ll save my own business work for the weekend I guess 🙂
Today I carried on putting in the information for the light fittings I had chosen. I also had to deal with lots of messages about the site. Items still need to be quoted for (especially bespoke items the carpenters are doing) and also some space solutions we are coming up with as we go.
A great example of an issue we’ve had and solution we’ve found is a storage cupboard under the stairs that the client would like to turn it into a small wine cellar. However, fuseboxes and water mains are there. The easiest and most direct place to shift them into is the next room over, near the front entrance to the house, which contains shelves for shoes. The client, of course, doesn’t want to lose that space! After some nudging, this is the area the builders have found:
I love it because it’s an empty wall, with lots of space that nobody needs or wants 🙂. Solutions like this make me happy!