Interior Design

How much does interior design cost?

May 19, 2023

Modern Scandinavian interior design living room with sofa.


Before embarking on an interior design project, you need to work out what you want to spend. But how do you decide what’s affordable without knowing what interior design costs? Like many service and creative industries, the answers are wide and varied. To set a realistic expectation, there are many factors to take into consideration.

Different ways of pricing

Interior designers may price their services by the hour, by the room or by the project. One thing that most hold common, however, is that you’ll need to have an initial consultation so they can understand your needs and your budget. In that consultation it’s important to cover every aspect of the service that you’re interested in so that you can avoid any surprises later down the line.

Lively bright interior design setting with upholstered sofa and modern framed artworks

From small to large scale

The cost of your interior designer will naturally depend on the scale of the project. Do you need some general advice on colour and lighting as part of a room redecoration? Or are you renovating a whole home with a range of coordinated schemes across the whole building? If you’re unsure where to start, think of an ‘ideal world’ scenario as a starting point. This allows your designer to create a draft design brief on which to base their cost.

minimalist interior design dining room with wooden chair and table

Expertise, experience and synergy

How do you know what to put in an ‘ideal world’ scenario, though? This part can often feel like a catch 22 situation. You need an interior designer to help you to articulate what you want, but you need to articulate something to your interior designer to get the ball rolling. This is where you can really benefit from the expertise and experience of a good interior designer. Yes, experience tends to cost more, but it is this experience that will lead you to a space that you’re really at home in. And experience can save on time and budget. Don’t forget, too, the importance of choosing an interior designer who you trust. A portfolio is a great starting point to view their previous work. It’s when you have a conversation with them, though, that you’ll be able to tell if you’re on the same wavelength.

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Which services work for you?

Being on the same wavelength is very important for those more complex projects where your designer can essentially project manage the decoration and assembly of your room or home. The more detailed the design brief that you can provide the better. Choosing services may come down to how confident you feel in your own understanding of the interior design process. Do you need a service to point you in the right direction, or to help you along the whole journey?

light and bright kitchen with natural wood counter tops and eat in seating area

Cost of furniture and materials

If you prefer a fully comprehensive service, you’ll need to have a separate budget for materials and furniture. For these types of project, costs can clearly get more complicated. The benefit to working with your interior designer to this level is that they can work on the budget with you, or even for you. Also when they source furniture and supplies, you’ll enjoy some fantastically unique solutions and preferential trade prices.

The benefits of a package

As an interior designer, I understand how daunting it can feel to decide who you want to work with for a project. There’s so much to consider and to remember that it may feel like you have to take a qualification just to make this decision! This is why our interior design packages are such a good starting point. The packages offer a clear capsule of services that can then be built on in any way that you want. Struggling to find a starting point?

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